Admin Page Framework Documentation

Provides simpler means of creating WordPress administration pages for theme and plugin developers.


AdminPageFramework_WPUtilities Provides utility methods which use WordPress functions.
AdminPageFramework_Utilities Provides utility methods which do not use WordPress functions.
AdminPageFramework_Help_Base Provides base methods and properties for manipulating the contextual help tabs.
AdminPageFramework_MetaBox_Help Provides methods to manipulate the contextual help tab .
AdminPageFramework_Help Provides methods to manipulate the help screen sections.
AdminPageFramework_HeadTag_Base Provides methods to enqueue or insert head tag elements into the head tag.
AdminPageFramework_HeadTag_Pages Provides methods to enqueue or insert head tag elements into the head tag for the main framework class.
AdminPageFramework_HeadTag_MetaBox Provides methods to enqueue or insert head tag elements into the head tag for the post type class.
AdminPageFramework_HeadTag_PostType Provides methods to enqueue or insert head tag elements into the head tag for the meta box class.
AdminPageFramework_Pages Provides methods to render admin page elements.
AdminPageFramework_Menu Provides methods to manipulate menu items.
AdminPageFramework_SettingsAPI Provides methods to add form elements with WordPress Settings API.
AdminPageFramework The main class of the framework.
AdminPageFramework_Messages Provides methods for text messages.
AdminPageFramework_Properties_Base The base class for Property classes.
AdminPageFramework_MetaBox_Properties Provides the space to store the shared properties for meta boxes.
AdminPageFramework_PostType_Properties Provides the space to store the shared properties for custom post types.
AdminPageFramework_Properties Provides the space to store the shared properties.
AdminPageFramework_CustomSubmitFields Provides helper methods that deal with custom submit fields and retrieve custom key elements.
AdminPageFramework_ImportOptions Provides methods to import option data.
AdminPageFramework_ExportOptions Provides methods to export option data.
AdminPageFramework_LinkBase Provides methods for HTML link elements.
AdminPageFramework_LinkForPostType Provides methods for HTML link elements for custom post types.
AdminPageFramework_PageLoadStats_Base Collects data of page loads in admin pages.
AdminPageFramework_PageLoadStats_Page Collects data of page loads of the added pages.
AdminPageFramework_PageLoadStats_PostType Collects data of page loads of the added post type pages.
AdminPageFramework_Debug Provides debugging methods.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldTypeDefinition_Base The base class of field type classes that define input field types.
AdminPageFramework_CustomFieldType The base class for the users to create their custom field types.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_default Defines the default field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_text Defines the text field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_number Defines the number, and range field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_textarea Defines the textarea field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_color Defines the color field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_image Defines the image field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_media Defines the media field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_select Defines the select field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_radio Defines the radio field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_checkbox Defines the checkbox field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_size Defines the size field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_hidden Defines the hidden field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_file Defines the file field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_posttype Defines the posttype field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_taxonomy Defines the taxonomy field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_submit Defines the submit field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_export Defines the export field type.
AdminPageFramework_InputFieldType_import Defines the import field type.
AdminPageFramework_BuiltinInputFieldTypeDefinitions Provides means to define custom input fields not only by the framework but also by the user.
AdminPageFramework_InputField Provides methods for rendering form input fields.
AdminPageFramework_WalkerTaxonomyChecklist Provides methods for rendering taxonomy check lists.
AdminPageFramework_PostType Provides methods for registering custom post types.
AdminPageFramework_MetaBox Provides methods for creating meta boxes.