Field Type Pack

Get the field type pack to enrich the setting forms of your plugin / theme. It includes data & time, auto-complete, grid, revealer etc.

Field Types

  • geometry – a location selector with the Google map.
  • date, time, date_time, date_range, time_range, date_time_range – date and time fields with the date picker.
  • dial – a dial input field.
  • font – a font uploader and its preview.
  • revealer – a selector field that displays a hidden HTML element.
  • grid – a drag and drop grid composer.
  • autocomplete – a custom text field that shows a predefined pop-up autocomplete list.
  • link – it lets pick a post and set the url.
  • image_checkbox, image_radio – displays images instead of text labels to be selected.
  • edd_software_licensing – lets you activate/deactivate EDD software licenses.



One site only
Installable only one site
Installable on an unlimited number of sites


If you can contribute to the project, discounts are available. Check out this page for details.


Please visit the documentation page.

10 thoughts on “Field Type Pack”

  1. Hi Michael,
    I don’t quite understand the way of licensing. Does the number of pages refer to the plugin installations of the Field Type Pack (development) or does it mean the number of pages where the developed end product is used?

    1. Hi,

      It refers to the number of plugin installations of the Field Type Pack. The number of instances that your products utilizing the field pack code doesn’t count.

  2. Hi there, I am developing a website using wordpress would like to use the geometry field type. I would like to ask if there is any demo site or testing account for this add ons. Thanks.

  3. I have just got a plugin I am developing for a client working nicely on my local machine. When I use the generator to create the files to include in my plugin to deploy to the customers live site it doesn’t appear to include the field type pack. How can I get this working please?

    1. Hi Steve,

      Each field type extends the class AdminPageFramework_FieldType. When you generate your own version of the framework, you set your prefix such as MyPlugin. In that case, open the file that defines the custom field type and change the part AdminPageFramework_FieldType to MyPlugin_AdminPageFramework_FieldType , where MyPlugin is your prefix set in the generator.

      Hope it helps!

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